Mr & Miss YALI Peace Advocacy Award Contest

The prestigious Mr and Mr YALI Peace Advocacy Award goal is to search, identify, celebrate, empower and promote young people leading breakthrough impactful peacebuilding initiatives/projects contributing to silencing hate speech, countering youth violence and youth radicalization in Cameroon.

The Award will be handed over in a Grand National YALI Peace Symposium in Yaoundé, Cameroon in the presence of our honourable partner/funder, the US Embassy, the Cameroon Government ministers, massive presence of national and international civil society organization leaders and excellent organization by alumni of Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders.

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Our stand on Hate speech

Fellow youths, Our tongues are as powerful as bullets from a gun; capable of destroying our beloved nation Cameroon. Our words should always promote peace and social cohesion. Say no to violence and never allow yourself to be used as tool of violence. Trigger peace and not guns. (Barister Tifuh Linus Njeck, Mr & Miss YALI Peace Award Contestant, NW Region)

Project Team

Project Lead
Nkembeteck Henry Nkwa
10 Regional Representatives
Project Director
Barrister Clifford N. Akonteh

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Taiwe Parfait

Adamawa Region

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Abengdang Eboutou Claudia

South Region

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Pedmia Shatu Tita

North West Region

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Kouamen Ntenkwa Stéphane

East Region

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Ateh Ndikum Nehtung Larissa

Centre Region

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Assana Kassir Toloba

North Region

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Bidias Zock Manuela

Littoral Region

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Donald Nghateng

South West Region

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Aïssatou Oumar Magra

Far North Region

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Foka Sherifatu Kinyuy

West Region

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