Integrating ICT in Classroom Teaching - Littoral

The MDAO session for the Littoral region took place at the Government Bilingual High School (G.B.H.S) Nyalla on December 20th, 2018. It brought together 30 participants and as coordinated by Mr. Sam Canisius. The main objective was to connect, empower, inspire and connect the next generation of Cameroonian leaders through the theme “Integrating ICT in Classroom Teaching”.

A total of 6 presentations were made by alumni of different US exchange programs; Mr. Sam Canisius spoke of the TEA program and how to integrate ICT in classroom teaching, Dr. Gisele Songfack spoke of the TechWomen program and presented on how to make STEM attractive for girls, Ngweka Queen spoke of the MWF program and her experiences at Drake University, Tspogue Prosper expatiated on the TEA program, Safe Evangeline spoke of the YES program and Dr Tracie Macklemore presented on research tools. Each presentation was followed by question and answer sessions which were very participative and interactive.

At the end of the session, the coordinator called upon the participants to apply to eligible programs and positively impact their communities